If you have a website of your own and have any interest at all in SEO then I highly recommend you watch this short 10 minute Youtube video just released by Google themselves;

It's kinda hard knowing who to trust post Google Panda/Penguin (or whatever black and white animal Google favours) but if you keep your eyes peeled on everything Google releases and you know where to look, then you may find that Google openly share upcoming news and events. Now who would you trust some Guru with solution the latest SEO magic bullet, or straight from the mouth of Google themselves?

This video outlines the principles of SEO with a surprising amount of rich little snippets of information. There is a whole host of information to be found on the Google Webmaster Help Youtube site.

There's nothing to buy here it's just good old fashioned education by Google themselves.

Here it is again - http://youtu.be/El3IZFGERbM

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below...

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Watch Them Build a $2.7 Million App Business

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Entrepz.com - For Next Generation Entrepreneurs

 Just in case you didn't know, or if you've been hiding under a rock, the mobile app business in literally exploding at an awesome rate at the moment.

Smart people are becoming millionaires (a few have even become billionaires!) after just a few years from starting their businesses.

This has the potential to be as big or even bigger than the original .com boom, but this time there is no end in sight!

My colleagues Tony Shepherd and Tony Newton have decided that they too want a slice of that huge pie.
They are going to build a $2.7 million mobile app business over the next 12 months.

Check it out here:

This may seem to be a bold, or even brave statement, but they have proven time and time again they can enter and dominate a market.

The best thing about this is they are going to show you exactly what they doing, in over the shoulder style, why they are doing it and how much money they will be making.

What's even better, and in true Tony & Tony fashion nothing is held back, you get to see every little detail.

Here's the link again:

PS Remember ANYONE can operate this business from anywhere in the World!

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3k in 3 Days, The Exact Steps, No Catch

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Learn How Ben Jacques Made $3k In 3 Days :)
Here's a story about success that will make it blindingly obvious just how much of a 'caker for the baker' it really is to make money online - if you're coming at it from the right angle. I was browsing the Warrior Forum and discovered a post by Benjamin Jacques, and how he joined the Warrior Forum, without any prior knowledge of it, and how he made $3000 in his first three days on the forum. Believe me Ben knows what he's doing, but importantly he knows how to take action IMMEDIATELY to get results.

I've seen far too many training videos and blog posts that just spout theory at you all day long, but don't actually tell you what to DO. Ben explains the SPECIFIC STEPS he took to earn $3000. Ben doesn't muck about and pad it out with a load of waffle (unlike some gurus), he breaks it down into simple formulas you can follow, he initially explains what he did, and then tells you how anyone can do it.

I was flabbergasted to discover that Ben is actually giving away his entire process for FREE (aka $0) in a massive report (80 pages) called "The 3-In-3 Formula: How I Made $3K In 3 Days With Only 1 Week Of Work Invested And How You Can Too", his report breaks down the entire process day by day so that you can build AND LAUNCH your product within a week, and see results start to happen very quickly.

Remember Ben's report is FREE and is definitely worth taking a look at, it's jam packed with information that won't cost you a single penny. Ben also has some stellar bonuses about REAL MONEY MAKING, take a look for yourself at the link below, you've nothing to lose!

Learn How Ben Jacques Made $3k In 3 Days :)

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Matt Garrett Is back!!!

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Matt Garrett's one of those guys who you don't hear a lot from, he seldom launches anything new, in fact the last time he had a big launch was way back in 2007...
but he's back and he's back with a BANG!

Check out his wicked new system that provides you with  as many pre-selected valuable, targetable niches as you could ever want: -
Niche Reaper

Matt's been making money online for over a decade, he's literally "been there, done that, got the t-shirt"!

He now concentrates on the things that work best, which includes picking highly profitable, easy to rank for niche markets that would never occur to you to try...

But he's developed a secret system that finds these hidden treasures for him, all on auto pilot.

And for a very limited time he's opened the door to his secret system and is going to let a small number of lucky people grab full access!

If you're fed up of doing keyword research, this is your best opportunity to never have to bother with the painful process ever again...

Watch the video now: -
Niche Reaper

P.S. The 1,000 spots are filling up quick, grab yours 
before it's gone: -
Get Niche Reaper Now

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